Thursday, January 28, 2010

A sip

I witnessed a hit-and-run accident and stopped to help. One of the drivers, a pregnant woman in her 30s, stood outside her car. The car’s front bumper was slightly scraped and dented. The woman was dazed, but unhurt.

She kept asking should she drive home, or stay. I told her to hang on just a bit. The police would arrive soon to take her statement. I spoke gently to her and she seemed to be reassured.

I noticed her face had started to flush under the hot afternoon sun. Spotting a store nearby, I ran over and bought a bottle of water and gave it to the woman.

I kept asking if she needed medical attention, and she said no. I encouraged her to take a sip of the water. It would do her some good, I said.

With all of the excitement, she never did take a sip. But she clutched the bottle tightly and seemed comforted holding it.

--By Ron Cooper

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