Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dear Greta,

You are beginning to realize that the true joys of life come through discovery. As you learn this important lesson, consider these useful signposts to serve as your guide.

Discover your joys: These are uniquely yours born of the happy nature that lies within your soul. Your joys will brighten each precious moment you dare to open yourself up to experience.

What are your joys?

Discover your strengths: These are uniquely yours welling up from your determined spirit. Your strengths will carry you through tough and uncertain days, and help another as he or she struggles.

What are your strengths?

Discover your ambitions: These are uniquely yours coming from a yearning to be fulfilled beyond measure. Your ambitions will be hard-earned and earnest and be your closest confidants.

What are your ambitions?

Remember as you seek to find your way, a delight in discovery will spur you forward to the next challenge, the next fulfillment, the next wonderful experience.

Revel in your discovery!

--By Grandpa Ron Cooper
January 2010

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