Saturday, February 13, 2010

Healing prayer


You know that stress inflicts a heavy toll on our minds, bodies and spirits. You know that it sucks the vitality out of our being and leaves us dead inside. In times like these, we feel hurt, exhausted and abandoned.

But we do have a friend in you, Lord. We turn to you to heal us with your Divine love. With you as our heavenly partner, we can overcome any obstacle, face any challenge. We have the confidence of a better day, a day when the gray gloom will be lifted and we can again smile into the fresh sunshine.

Thank you for healing us, Lord!

--By Ron Cooper


  1. Ron,
    The healing prayer is just what I need these days. I'm still dazed, hurt, and sad by the passing away of my brother Ben. Thank you for this reminder of God's healing Divine Love.

  2. Thanks Ron ~ Amen

  3. @Lita,

    I'm so glad you could benefit from reading it. Bless you!


    Thank you for posting!



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