Monday, March 15, 2010

A perfect ending

As the day closes, we all take stock. And some days, our internal tape recorders play back negative things.

“I accomplished nothing today.” “He gave me grief.” “She hurt my feelings.”

But I have a friend who closes her day in a perfectly serene way—with simple gratitude.

Here’s what she wrote recently:

“Every day I see or hear something that inspires me to be a better person. Today, it was a friend who took time to share and encourage, a woman who showed incredible grace and dignity in the face of disappointment, and a stranger whose actions said ‘I am indeed my brother's keeper.’”




What are you thinking about tonight?

--By Ron Cooper

(Your comments are welcome!)


  1. As always, your gift of writing is an incredible blessing! Today my little guy Adam and I took a beautiful bouquet of flowers to a sweet woman we attend church with who is recovering from surgery. I also looked at my calendar and realized I am delivering three meals this week to families in need. In addition, I have two mornings this week that I am having friends over for fellowship and encouragement. In no way do I share this to boast, but rather to express how full of joy I am when I take the focus off of myself and serve others! It is my delight to be highly valued by God and to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Keep the encouragement coming, Dear Uncle!

  2. Hi Steph,

    Your service to others is a blessed example to us all. And I'll bet your reflections as you retired last night were positive and uplifting! Thanks for writing!

    Uncle Ron

  3. Thanks alot for your comments on my blog!It gave me a chance to explore your space too

  4. Shahana,

    Welcome aboard, and stop by any time!


  5. Very Talented.... I love your words.

  6. Thanks, stop by any time and we'll have a cup of virtual coffee!!

  7. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I liked this post. What am I thinking of tonight? Probably all the stuff I didn't get done but should have! But I am thankful for what I did get done and for the unexpected moments of my day . . . like an impromptu date night! And good news from a friend!
    Have a lovely day!

  8. Hi Taylor,

    What a nice note and thanks for sharing your day-ending thoughts.

    For me, the bad play-back and the good play-back always seem to be at odds with one another in my mind's tape recorder. But I really try to keep my thoughts positive!


  9. Hi Ron, Thanks for stopping by. I tell you, if I don't have a blog, I think I would be in bad shape mentally now...LOL.

  10. Hi. I am your latest follower from a late friday follow. You have such a unique blog here, and i cannot wait to read up on it.

    When you are free, stop by at to check mine out as well.


  11. @Self Sagacity: I know what you mean! I use mine to vent, to work out problems. Helps a lot. Thanks for your visit!

    @Safe Home Happy Mom: Sure nice of you to stop and make such fabulous comments. Yes, I'll pay you a visit soon!


  12. i am following you back from friday follow yes it's a family teaching blog, and i see yours is venting and politics I will be sure to come comiserate, and your the second male to follow me.

  13. Thanks for your visit, and hope you come back soon!


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