Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As if

I live my life as if I'll live forever and a day. For a while it works, this way of looking at things, until illness or sorrow strikes me down. Ups and downs. I've learned these are all part of life, and I live it as if I were simply human.

--By Ron Cooper


  1. My first visit, I like your site..

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. Visiting... nice blog, Ron ... Btw, I've followed u in Google and Networked Blogs, ty... I'll also add ur link in my Friends' Links ...
    Have a nice day, brother...

  3. Btw, I've added ur link in my Friends' Links as "Ron Cooper" ... pls add mine too, ty...

  4. @Dorthy: Thanks so much for your visit, and I'll check on you soon, too!

    @Salona: Great to hear from you, thanks. I'll try to catch up with Friends' requests very soon. Come back anytime. I post several times a week.


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