Saturday, March 6, 2010


We are disappointed sometimes. Discouraged sometimes. Feel let down sometimes. The biggest mistake is to dwell on it. Just move on, distancing yourself from the experience. If you're going to dwell on something, let it be the rebirth of optimism.

--By Ron Cooper


  1. How timely. Thanks Ron. But the question is: how do we distance ourselves from the situation when it's something we have to face on a daily basis?

  2. AJ,

    That's a really great question and I have no clear answer. I find it helpful to shift gears and focus on serving others, rather than on my own situation.

  3. Nice thoughts, wholesome advice. It can be hard to be optimistic if you're down and out, but with your view, it seems easy after all. Thanks, Ron!

  4. Good point, Lita. I had a really bad day yesterday and spent it worried and distraught. The more I obsessed about my problems, the worse it go.

    Then I hit upon the idea of allowing optimism to be reborn.

    Thanks for writing and have a good week!

  5. Oh Ron this is so true and so hard to accomplish within a broken spirit, when it really gets me down I bring out my books my favorite The Secret...

    And read them over and over again.

    Dorothy fromn grammology

  6. Thanks for your post, Dorothy. I'm bad about dwelling on the negative side, but am getting better at doing the opposite. It's still hard to do, though!


  7. You're right. Even in the midst of a very negative situation, it is essential to focus on the positive aspects. For me, work has been a very negative experience. Each day, I have to remind myself of the positives: it provides income for the necessaries of life and the opportunity to indirectly help others.

  8. Thanks, HB, I'm glad you liked this little blurb!


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