Thursday, December 16, 2010


Wrap yourself in a cocoon of warmth where loving thoughts reside with tender graces. Create your own peace. Hold to it fast. Always.

--By Ron Cooper


  1. hi Ron! glad to have found your blog through Burciko's bloghop. i love your concept and the posts are truly inspiring. i'm now following your blog and subscribing to your feeds. i've also added your blog's link to my buddy bloggers blogroll. have a great weekend! c",)

  2. In this day and age we can all enjoy "good" words of wisdom and cheer. Thankyou for coming by my little world and following me. I'm now following you back.

  3. Hey Ron,

    You've left me several comments on my blog about me following you on facebook. I regret to inform you that I actually don't have a facebook account.

    I did, however, become a follower of your blog, and appreciate that you take the time to visit mine.


  4. Hi Ron,
    Thanks for following me.
    Julz@ and

  5. Ron,
    'Cocoon' is beautiful...I feel all cozy and safe! It come from inside!
    Thanks for following, Following back!
    Hope your weekend is great!

  6. hi again Ron! thanks for dropping by my blog and for following! i agree with WheelchairDecor about Cocoon. i'll add it to my fave quotes at my goodreads account and link it back here!


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