Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keep the vision!

Many projects
Yet undone
Ah, if only
I could complete
Just one
So little time
So much ambition
My biggest task?
Keep the vision!

--By Ron Cooper
(Dedicated to my children)


  1. I love this... This should be my motto for work...I always feel, if I could just accomplish one of the tasks I planned on...

  2. What a great blog Ron!

    I am following you back from Channeling Ricky. Thanks for the follow!

  3. i love your blog! this is wonderful! just from a quick read this has to be my fave poem, it's well suited to today i have about 5 projects im working on lol! i'll be back to read often, take care!

    love nay x

    moonangelnay handmade blog

  4. Thank you for following! I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog and I apologize! I am experiencing technical difficulty ha ha! Great blog - thank you for sharing and God bless! I am now following you back!

    Mama J

  5. Very nice! Thanks for following me...I'm following you back :) I'll enjoy your inspirational poems and writings!


  6. Thank you for the follow! So glad to read your beautiful writing! I love this one!



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