Monday, November 8, 2010

Inner light

Our Inner Light is the goodness, the well being of humankind. It shines brightest when we welcome it, fastening it to our consciousness moment by moment. The Inner Light prevails. Let us recognize it, embrace it, hold it dear. It shines in one and all.

--By Ron Cooper


  1. You have a really positive and inspirational blog. Way to use blogging as a positive force in the world. I love it and agree that we all are good!

  2. Very positive blog - I think it's great. I am now following you. Thanks for the follow back.

  3. Wonderful poem :)

    Following back from Follow Back Tuesday!

  4. What a wonderful blog! Thanks for taking the time to look at mine.

  5. Love love love your blog :-) Our inner light is who we are!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, commenting and following!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend . . .



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