Monday, October 25, 2010

Above all, be kind (a letter to my granddaughter)

Dear Greta,

If you learn to do just one thing well in your life, make it to be kind.

First of all, be kind to everyone, treating all with the same high regard and deepest consideration. One person is no important than another. We each share a fundamental human dignity.

Be especially kind to the poor, weak and discouraged, for these are children of God just as you are. These souls may be invisible to most that hurry by and don’t seem to notice. Treat them with compassion and lift them up.

Be kind to your family, for they hold you in the highest esteem and have taught you the important lessons of life: Kindness, compassion, service, and faith. To family you owe your best to live up to the highest principles and convictions passed down to you.

Finally, be kind to yourself. Balance your high expectations with compassion and humility, and your hard work with rest and solitude. Remember that love brings fullness to a life that would be otherwise be sterile, and that acts of kindness bring happiness to others and purpose to your own life.

Grandpa Ron


  1. What a beautiful letter; I am going to take your advice to your grand daugther to heart.

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  4. Thanks for the follow! =)
    Your blog looks wonderful.

  5. I am a student, I joined the blog to make friends with the lava away from the liver around the world. I want to learn many things about the country, people, life, culture ... of your country

  6. This is so sweet. I hope that she takes this to heart and keeps it forever. :)

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    All the best,

  9. Love this, how sweet and how true! I'm a new follower!

  10. This letter is so sweet! Thanks for following my blog and inviting me to yours. I love seeking inspiration from others. :)


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